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Our Approach

We guide clients through building and managing portfolios while seeking an optimal balance between risk and returns. Pursuing this goal requires discipline and commitment to a time-tested approach. We embrace a holistic five-step circular methodology, as depicted below:   


Listening to you is the foundation of our wealth management process. We begin by understanding your individual situation, including your goals, risk tolerance, tax situation, cash flow needs, and other important factors.

We gather and analyze your financial information to develop a snapshot of where you stand and determine where efficiencies and improvements can be made. We use the resources and insights of the broader team of experienced professionals at Stifel to customize strategies for the challenges that you face

Based on the information provided and our ongoing dialogue with you, we may draw upon, where applicable, the knowledge and experience of Stifel professionals and resources to develop a comprehensive investment plan. Coordinating with your tax and legal advisors, we develop strategies that aim to incorporate tax strategies and mitigate risk exposure.

Selecting from a wide array of available investment platforms and complementary vehicles, we strive to build a transparent, cost-efficient, and tax-advantaged plan tailored to your goals. We also evaluate and employ various insurance strategies to help mitigate risk, when appropriate. The process is, by design, not a hasty one, but rather one in which we exercise diligence and care. Stifel offers a broad and flexible menu of tools and platforms that we incorporate when constructing portfolios for our clients. These can include research-based structured equity and fixed income portfolios as well as diversified portfolios utilizing mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs), customized blends of independent institutional investment managers, and non-correlated alternative investments. The ultimate goal is to construct an efficient portfolio that strives for consistent, maximum returns for a defined level of risk tolerance. For specific information on any of these advisory services programs, please feel free to contact us.

We will periodically review your plan with you and discuss any adjustments that may be needed. The process is ongoing and circular in nature, as a high level of communication is key to helping you pursue your goals.